Velkomin að SkjárReturned

SkjárReturned er leiðandi fyrirtæki á íslenskum sjónvarpsmarkaði. SkjárReturned færir áhorfendum sjónvarpsstöð með fyrsta flokks afþreyingu og gagnvirkt sjónvarp, fyrst allra á Íslandi. Áhorfandinn getur pantað sér þær bíómyndir og þá þætti sem hann vill horfa á og ráðið sinni dagskrá. SkjárReturned býður einnig upp á aðgang að öllum helstu innlendu og erlendu sjónvarpsstöðvunum sem íslenskum áhorfendum stendur til boða. 

Edward Folger (Ed Vespucciano)

Þetta er besta myndband gert hvar sem er á jörðinni á þessu ári! Aftur, þú ert nýja Gunnar Hámundarson.

Rose Borchovski

hlær hátt


Lies and Law? My Icelandic sucks. I wish I could understand the chant.

Tutsy Navarathna

There is a wrong word at 00:51 :))


Damn it, Tutsy, does everyone know Icelandic (or this chant) except me? LOL 

Kikas Babenco

I hope they don't catch a cold! 

Beth Holmes

Lovely, I have watched all your vimeos. I have no idea what you are saying and I don't think it matters.

Beth Holmes

I don't think it matters because

Your jest

is without bits

but the jest sliced the bits to

arrows of the missed

a eunuch for us all

to lay unto Caesar

You give hope for the Tsar

a mindful romp on the tar

of the virtual pall

nothing is easier

and nothing missed 

Edward Folger (Ed Vespucciano)

Returned is the Icelandic Milarepa. Support Icelandic Art! Support Icelandic Buddhism!

Edward Folger (Ed Vespucciano)

I'm glad to see that they have religion in Iceland.

Edward Folger (Ed Vespucciano)

Best one yet. Viva Iceland! 


You have to bare with me a bit.I'm still learning the language.I have a speech impediment.Da tends to make me stammer a bit..

Bob Black

actually all that cat's videos are brilliant.....

Kandinsky Beaumont

O Returned calling out to me over the wast seas, so wonderful to see him again and even if he looks a bit worried now and then he finds comfort in his little lambs!

Tutsy Navarathna

hehehehe :)) Bravo !!!


I have been away to long, two more videos to watch which means another Dada decree.

Tomomi Adachi

Wow, that's fun! thanks! Do you know the audio is clipping? 

Kutaj Cengil

So good


Dodoobie is a god

Fatima Pedro

Even I can not translated I love the movie is like a ritual

Andrew Tarantola:

Look, I gotta be honest, I've watched this video a good half dozen times already and I still have no clue as to what the hell is going on. I'm assuming that this is what happens when you feed the Internet peyote, but there's really no way to be sure.



I have no idea what the crud I just watched, but I fear for my sanity that this will forever be stuck in my head.



Why do some idiots thing this is French? It's Icelandic. Probably stems from inhaling too many volcano fumes.



I think it's supposed to be a PSA for overfishing



I think René Magritte would have dug this.

Beth Holmes

What I like about Returned Resident is a calculated refreshed mind fuck.


Mass transit really sucks

Fearchar Enoch

"þjálfa til hvergi" translates to "train to nowhere."

If that guy were sitting next to me on the trolley... he wouldn't be for long! LOL

Myrdin Myface


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